1. Bring Your Music Idea to Life

SoundPlusUA is a music studio, we compose and arrange music for our customers’ projects. All services for music production are gathered in one place:

– Record Music Instruments Online with Session Recording Service.

– Request Music Arrangement and mastering with Music Production Service.

– Master, Edit, mix and finish your audio work with Post-Production Service.

We combined these three services together and built three plans that will help you to realize your music idea.

Basic Plan

You can use basic plan of Our Services if you need high quality music for advertisement audio or video, video presentations, video game, background music, theme music, etc.
Using this plan you will have a Standard License that allows you to use created by SoundPlusUA music for any type of commercial or free project up to 10 000 000 million audience size. The main feature of this plan is its duration – about 1 week, but still it depends on complexity of the work. Each of these plans include synth’s recording – with sound from our Digital Audio library – We record the instruments by playing on synth and real recorded keyboard is also included. Arrangement and mastering service is included, and if you need to compose music, you can share with us your ideas and other materials, and we’ll compose most suitable music for your project.

Preferred Plan

This plan is mainly used by our customers to create high quality album music with standards to publish it on iTunes/Play Music/Amazon Music/Apple music/etc., also this plan perfectly suits for creating music for movies, games, audiobooks, indie projects and other. Optimal time of completed work is 2-3 weeks due to more complex work in arrangement and mastering. Synth recording and Digital audio library are included – We record instruments by playing on synth and in addition, to make the composition sound better and catchier, we record two lead instruments using session recording service (Guitar- Acoustic/Bass/Electro, Sax/Trumpet, etc, keyboard is included). Using this plan you’ll have an extended license. You can also request to compose music for you, but you need to describe the idea, mood, style etc. Also we’ll notify you every day using email about every stage of our work with the result and video report.

Advanced Plan

Use advanced plan suits for big projects to create high quality album music. Basically this plan is the same as Preferred, but better, because 2 lead and 3 additional instruments will be recorded via session recording service. Advanced arrangement and mastering will be done, but because of complex work it will take about 1 month. With this plan Daily summary report with video and audio about every stage of our work will be sent to you every day.

To get started, simply choose one of the plans below that suits your needs and budget the most, describe every detail of your project, upload any materials/chords/notes and we’ll get straight back to you.

Basic This one is for simple and fast projects like background music, music for ads, theme music.
~1 week
Synths recording
Digital Audio Library
Standard Mastering
Standard License
Complete your payment only when you are satisfied with the result
Advanced The one our customers are using for huge projects. Basically this is like our Advanced Preferred plan.
~2-4 Weeks
Synths recording
Digital Audio Library
Advanced Arrangement
Advanced Mastering
Session Recording of 2 Lead instruments
Session Recording of 3 Additional instruments
Extended License
Daily Reports
Complete your payment only when you are satisfied with the result

Works we were participating in:

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Take a look at the full list of the audio services we offer separately and choose what you need.


You hire us to record live musical instruments on our studio. The work will be finished only when you are satisfied with the result.
We can record:
Piano, Flute, Violin, Orchestra Strings, Trumpet, Viola, Acoustic Guitar, Electro Guitar, Bass Guitar, Sax, Hybrid Drums,
so you will have separate tracks with each instrument. You can give us notes, chords, audio etc.

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Here at SoundPlusUA you get the opportunity to work with experienced sound engineers who now how to compose and arrange music. You will have the music structure ready for session recording and final mastering. With our responsive team you get notified about every progress we made and you have a version history of your project.

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4. Post-Production

Do you want to take your song or demo to the next level? Is your mix sounding dull or harsh? Whether you need a little fine tuning or a complete facelift, we can mix and master your creation and bring out the best of it. It will mixed and mastered to suite world music markets like iTunes, Amazon Music, Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc. This service used to work with audio part of podcasts, audio books, music, indie films, movies, ads and computer games:

  • Mastering, Mixing, Editing, Clean voice recording
  • Production Dialogue Editing
  • ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement or Looping)
  • Sound Effects Design and Editing
  • Foley Mixing and Editing
  • Creating music and sound effects for computer games
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Using any of these services you will have an opportunity to communicate with us via website chat, email, or facebook.
Have any questions? Contact us directly

Superb songwriter and producer! Alex from SoundPlusUA and I worked together closely for some time and he always provided high quality work on deadline. Alasdair F. UpWork
They were enjoying to make best music. Sometimes they sent their recordings video and gave the progress mail detaily. So i didnt feel the distance of different country, great! KA0RU N. Trsupilot

Didn’t Find what you need? Contact us and we’ll create music for you.

SoundPlusUA is a music studio, we compose new music for commercial usage known as Royalty Free Music. There are several types of licenses available on our website depending on your needs – for TV, Radio, Youtube and Vimeo videos, Movies, Indie Films, Games, AudioBooks etc.
Need legal music for your projects, youtube videos, TV, Radio? Register and download royalty free tracks. Music is recorded, arranged and played by professional and experienced musicians.

Browse through our Royalty Free Music Library. All tracks can be used on sites like YouTube and Vimeo and you get full control over your monetization.

Finally, high quality audio content is available at affordable prices with no hidden costs or fees.

Use SoundPlusUA tracks for: Advertising, Television & Film, Youtube & Other video platforms, Websites, Podcasts, Presentations, Corporate Videos, Background Music and etc.

 Check Royalty Free Music Library