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Swing Your Wings

This catchy neoswing royalty-free music is good for dancing, advertisement, movies, and personal listening as well. It has cheerful melody and 2 voices (man is singing and women`s voice is on the background). Depending on your needs, there are 2 versions: with lead vocal and without background vocal.
Swing your wings and tell your story
everybody say isn’t she lovely
maybe you want to fall in love with me
but I’m a fool saying
this can not be

you will show me the movements of your love
and I feel your dance
now just now
but I want more swing and your love song
come on Baby
tell me why I’m wrong

Tags: beat, club, commercial, crazy, creative, dance, electro swing, fun, groovy, happy, horns, hot, inspiring, jazzy, modern, nice mood, party, percussion, pop, positive, quirky, retro, rhythmic, swing, swinging, trumpet, upbeat, upright bass, vintage, vinyl, music

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  • Tempo(BPM):117, Duration: 3:40, 2:34(No Vocal version); Author: Oleksii Bezsalov; Content ID Administered by CD Baby;

    wav, mp3; Bit Rate 320 kbps; Sample Rate 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz