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Epic Orchestral music

This orchestral composition is the best choice for epic and heroic movies. This is epic and heroic, dramatic, music with symphonic strings music. Orchestral fast music which can emphasize some dramatic and heroic moments. In other words Violins for grand and epic moments, piano for dramatic episodes and drums to show the action and tension on the battlefield. This music will be a great fit for your projects.

The soundtrack is built in such a way that you can cut and shorten its duration in any of the pauses, and also combine these parts in any order. The cue has strong and clear sync points, so you can know for sure where the picture should change. All this simplifies the life of the video editor.

If you need help to edit (for example, to cut) purchased composition, please let us know via Contact us webform or using livechat

Attention! If you downloaded this music for free with any type of license you have to mention that you downloaded this music from soundplusua.com in your project description (for example, description under youtube video).

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  • Tempo(BPM): 110, Duration: 1:52; Author: Oleksii Bezsalov; Content ID Administered by Identifyy;

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