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Detective Thriller

Download detective music or even better to say detective thriller music where you can feel the vibe of a detective film of the 19th century that is combined with the modern sound of an epic symphony orchestra. Ideal for teasers for detective films and trailers with dramatic cinematic scenes. Also, this track can be used for computer games, where the events take place in the 19th century. Download free this Detective thriller music and use it in your Youtube videos.

Cinematic detective background music for videos and films also good for trailers and detective intros and cinematic scenes. It is good for websites and advertisement music, social media – Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos. Available for commercial projects, Royalty free music, no copyright music, download music for cinematic scenes. Download this detective music now for free. Best for detective genre or thrillers scenes and movies.

Detective music means to draw the mood of detecting a fact, discovering and investigating circumstances as well as people involved with them.

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