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By becoming our Patron or by purchasing an All Library, you’ll have access to all Soundplusua music with permission to use our music for commercial usage (means that you’ll be able to use our music as described in terms of use of terms of use), and your youtube channel will be whitelisted, also we can provide you with a license certificate that allows to clean claims raised by our music.
You’ll have the right to use all SoundPlusUA music in your videos or other projects that are published/released during the Patreon support period or from the moment you purchase All Library package.

Difference between supporting us on Patreon and purchasing all-Library on Fiverr

On Fiverr, you’re purchasing all Soundplusua music library available on the date of purchase with a fixed price. Music in the Package that you’re purchasing will be available for youtube monetization forever. For a small fee you can renew a package later, just contact us on Fiverr to do this.

On Patreon, you’re supporting us with a small fee every month (or yearly). This will also include all our current music and all music that we compose and add to the library in the future – for you available to download and use. By supporting us on Patreon we also allow you to monetize your videos on Youtube and we’ll resolve any copyright claims from Youtube for you and if needed we can provide a license certificate that allows using our music.

About All-Library

How it works?

Once you purchase All-Library, you’ll be able to download music from our website and use it in your projects. You can use all the music tracks on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, websites, social media, games, TV and radio shows, applications, and more. Here is how this experience looks on our website or we’ll provide you the ability to download all tracks within the one link:

Also, we provide you with a license certificate that allows you to clear claims from youtube videos, so you can monetize your content without copyright issues.

A shortlist with the permissions for All-access pass users:

– All library users can use music tracks unlimitedly.
– All library users can monetize their videos on YouTube, Facebook.
– All library users can use music tracks for commercial purposes (advertising).
– All library users can use music on all sites in the world.
– All library users can use in applications and games.
– All library users can use on TV and radio shows.
– All library users can use music at Film Festivals.
– All library users can use in podcasts.
– All library users are not allowed to sell our music tracks!

What is included?

– Download: You can download more than 90 tracks in MP3 format that we have on our website.
– Permissions: You can use our music with all types of licenses that we have on our website (described in the terms of use)
– All future tracks are included (New Tracks): Every month we’ll create up to 10 new music tracks. You’ll be able to see them on the website, download, and use them.
– Direct link: You will get a direct link where you can download all music tracks with one click.
– 1x YouTube Whitelist: Your YouTube channel will be added to the HAAWK whitelist. This means your videos will not receive copyright claims. (Once it is purchased, contact us if you need to whitelist more channels)


– No Copyrights: You will not receive a copyright claim on your videos on YouTube and other sites. Your channel will be whitelisted. Do not forget to provide us your channel.
– Monetization: You can monetize your videos on YouTube and on other sites. This means that you can earn income from your videos on YouTube and other sites.
– Commercial: You can use music tracks for commercial purposes.
– Unlimited Creation: You can create an unlimited number of videos on YouTube and other sites.
– Unlimited usage during the all-access period/Patreon: You can create and release an unlimited amount of videos / contents during the Patreon subscription or all-access pass period.
No need to buy licenses: You do not need to buy licenses every time you upload new videos on YouTube and other sites.
– Use: All licenses are covered with an All-access pass.
– No recurring payments: Control your payments on your own.

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