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Halloween decorations already filled houses and streets. They’re not scary, no, they just give a bit of spice to this night. Children in Halloween costumes are preparing to travel from house to house, asking for “Trick or treat”. Who can deny them?

What about adults? They can go to a Halloween party and dance to thematic Halloween songs, or just spend their evening by watching their favorite horror movies at home.

This event is also associated with a bunch of Halloween videos on YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok etc. such as DIY Halloween ideas, DIY Halloween decor, DIY Halloween treats. Are you creating these types of videos? Cool! We prepared some great no copyright Halloween instrumental music for you!

First, let’s decide: do you want to monetize your creative projects, or not?

>>> If you need royalty-free Halloween background music for your commercial projects, you can easily download it from our site and use it for free. If you want to monetize your videos, you need to subscribe on our Patreon or get an All Access Pass, so we’ll white list your YouTube channel from claims. You can also purchase a separate lifetime music license and use it in your projects. More details are here:

Free Download
Free Download
Funny Halloween music
Free Download

More Halloween music

Do you want to have full music coverage for commercial usage including music for Youtube monetization? No problem! Just subscribe to our page on Patreon or get an All Access Pass to monetize your content with our music now:

All Access Pass: More information

Patreon: More information

More info of terms of usage is here: terms and conditions

We wish you a happy Halloween!

Most Common FAQ

1. Can I use your music tracks on a YouTube videos?
    Yes. But if you did notget a License or All library or you're not our Patron then You can use our music tracks in your videos for FREE, but without the ability to monetize them on YouTube. If you're using music for free, in most cases, you will get copyright claims on YouTube, do not worry, this is normal. Your video will be fine and will not be deleted. If you purchased music license you'll be able to dispute the claim or we can help you to remove claim from your video. We also can whitelist your youtube channel (if possible - sometimes it is not possible due to other music used in your youtube channel) if you purchase All library or if you support us on Patreon.
    Yes. After you purchase an All Library or you support us on Patreon you'll get a license code that can be shown on YouTube. You'll have all the rights to monetize your videos. We'll whitelist your channel on Youtube, so you won't receive copyright claims. Also, if you still receive a copyright claim, please know, you'll be covered by our support, simply please contact us, so we can help you to resolve all copyright issues.
    Most of our tracks have copyright, but you can still use our music on Youtube. If you purchase a license or All Library or you support us on Patreon you'll be able to use music and monetize Youtube videos. Also, ​Your videos will feel good if you're using them for free, they will not be imposed any restrictions (except for monetization). We won't remove videos that use our music without a license, your video is safe.
    First, you need to purchase a license or All Library or you support us on Patreon. In case of an All Library or Patreon, we'll add your Youtube channel, which you provided during the purchase, into a whitelist. If you purchased a separate license you can follow the instructions below: When Сlaim is from CDBaby: After you have purchased a license or after purchasing All Library you'll have a license certificate provided by us, simply provide to Youtube the license. Please refer to this article for more information: How to clear a copyright claim? Claims are usually resolved within 24-96 hours. You may wish to keep your new videos “unlisted” until this process is completed. Сlaim is from HAAWK/Identifyy: After you have purchased a license, simply HAAWK whitelist or Identifyy whitelist, enter your details and video link and copy/paste the contents from your purchased License Certificate into the message box. Claims are usually resolved within 24-96 hours. You may wish to keep your new videos “unlisted” until this process is completed. You can also contact us to help you to resolve copyright claims. Here is the form or reach us on Fiverr.
    You received a copyright notice. You have nothing to worry about. Here are some tips and clarifications: -If you do not want to monetize your video on YouTube - You do not need to take any action. Your video is ok, no restrictions will be imposed on it except for monetization (you will not be able to monetize your video). And Your video will not be deleted. -If you want to monetize your video on YouTube - You need to buy a license for each video that you use or to get All Library that covers all internet and Social Media usage. After purchasing a license, you will receive a license certificate that must be shown on YouTube in order to dispute the claim (Here is a tutorial on how to do this). Each track has a "Buy a License" button or get All Library, after clicking the button, you'll pay for a license and get the certification.
    On Fiverr, you’re purchasing all Soundplusua music library that is available on the date of purchase with a fixed price. Music in the Package that you’re purchasing will be available for youtube monetization forever. For a small fee you can renew a package later, just contact us on Fiverr to do this. On Patreon, you’re supporting us with a small fee every month (or yearly). This will also include all our current music and all music that we compose and add to the library in the future – for you available to download and use. By supporting us on Patreon we also allow you to monetize your videos on Youtube and we’ll resolve any copyright claims for you and provide license certificates for using ouyr music.

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