SoundPlusUA, who are we?

SoundPlusUA is a professional musician community, with more than 10 musicians and 2 music studios with professional equipment to record, arrange and compose high quality tracks.

What are we doing?

ROYALTY FREE MUSIC – SoundPlusUA is a music studio and basically we are composing new music for commercial usage known as Royalty Free Music. There are several types of licenses available on our website depending on your needs – for TV, Radio, Youtube and Vimeo videos, Movies, Indie Films, Games, AudioBooks etc. Also, we have three music services:
SESSION RECORDING – you hire us (SoundPlusUA) to record live musical instruments on our studio. The work will be finished only when you are satisfied with the result.  Our pricing policy will surprise you. We can record Piano, Flute, Violin, Orchestra Strings, Trumpet, Viola, Acoustic Guitar, Electro Guitar, Bass Guitar, Sax, Hybrid Drums, so you will have separate tracks with each instrument. You can gave us notes, chords, audio etc. If you would like to have quality track with your own melody, we will create it using High Quality Music Libraries mixed with real played instruments that will make your composition catchy, attractive and professional.

MUSIC PRODUCTION SERVICE – Here at SoundPlusUA you get the opportunity to work with experienced sound engineers who now how to compose and arrange music. You will have the music structure ready for session recording and final mastering. With our responsive team you get notified about every progress we made and you have a version history of your project.

POST-PRODUCTION SERVICE – you can hire our studio for outsource to work on your projects on regular basis or for a one time project, for example to edit a podcast, for Mastering, Mixing, Editing, Clean voice recording, Production Dialogue Editing, ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement or Looping), Sound Effects Design and Editing, Foley Mixing and Editing. Moreover, if you used session recording service you might want to mix and master it, so this service will definitely help you to get high quality music.

Our Mission

To bring customers music ideas to life with the highest satisfaction.

Our Vision

“The art can save” we believe that art can make other people happy but we also want to make some of them healthy, so we want to share some of our company profit to sick children all over the world. And we want to call composers, musicians, programmers, artists, designers and other people related to art to share some of their profit with sick children. Let’s deliver the vision that the art is not only for self-enrichment, but this is also an opportunity to help other people to stay alive.