Who is SoundPlusUA ?

SoundPlusUA is a proffesional musician comunity, with more then 10 musicins and 2 music studios with proffesional equipment to record, arrange and compose high quality tracks.
We have some success locally in our town and we decided to scale our work in Web. My name is Ihor B., I am CEO and business developer of SoundPlusUA. I’ve grew up in musician faminly. My Father is a musician, my grandfather was a musician, my brother is a Musician, I think that father of my grandfather was also musician, but unfortunatelly I am not a musican, I do not have such talent, but still I have a connection with music, as I like it so much, so I decided to have a hobby which is connected with music, basically this hobby grew up in SoundPlusUA. Let me introduce my collegues and company iteself.

So there are two person who are more then just a collegues Alex B., and Valeriy B., B is a surname Bezsalov, Alex is my brother, Valeriy is my Father, both are great musicians and soundengineers and belive me I am not telling that because they are my relatives. Without them SoundPlusUA never appeared in world wide web.
Alex bascially is a cofounder of SoundPlusUA and he is a singer and keyboardist with Proffesional Music Studio, with perfect mastering and mixing skill, his favorite janre is Electro Swing. Alex is awesome and very fast composer, every composion he made has some feature, has rememberable melody or cool instrumemtal part.
Valeriy is the man who start everything locally, he have teached a lot of singers, music composers and music engineers including Alex. His students earning winner places on local music competitions, from such organization like Voice of the Country, etc. His main instrument is Saxophone and Vocal, but a good musician is good in everything, he has a proffesional skill in piano, music arrangement and mastering.
Also we have a collegues, I would say, better friends, we invite to join our comunity and they are just awesome with huge experiance in session recording. I think that they should have separate articles on our website, as if I’ll put the information about them and their experiance, this article will like a huge book.

Why the name is SoundPlusUA?

Take a look, it is interesting. Basically, when I was young and only just start thinking about the name in internet, I have asked my father how his studio is called, he told me – SoundPlus, I’ve